BBC cuckold tease

It’s been weeks since I last saw my BBC Alpha, he’s been traveling around the world making money to bring back home to Me. I’ve been super horny as a result of him being gone for so long. But tonight, he’s coming home! I know just how much you’ve been stroking your cock, imagining Me and my BBC Alpha having sex. So, I decide to put on a sexy outfit just to tease you in, and of course, my BBC Alpha! I tease and taunt you, telling you all his favorite positions that he’s going to fuck me in.

First, we’re going to start doggy style so that he can grab and smack my ass. Then, I’m going to get on top and ride him until I cum hard. Lastly, he’s gonna finish me off missionary so he can suck on my pretty little toes while he pounds me hard, while you sit home jerking your cock to us. Isn’t that right, cuckie?!


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