Blackmail-Fantasy Insurance

For so long, you have been sending me thousands of dollars every single month unbeknownst to your wife. She has no idea that you have been siphoning cash from both of your bank accounts to send to me. Men like you always find a way to cheat. You’d rather jerk off to me on your computer screen than to have sex with your fat, hag of a wife. You know it’s a privilege to serve an Ebony Goddess like me, but you don’t want your family to find out about your secret.

However, this month you’ve come up short. Like way fucking short! How dare you insult me by sending me less than a grand! I’m so Pissed that when I receive the money, I throw it back in your face! I want MORE! And unless you don’t want wifey to find out about us, I suggest that you start spending less, and sending me more!


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