Caged manimal

In this hot cuckolding clip- Sleeping all day in that tiny cage of yours, your are awaken by the sound of my sexy voice as I tell you it’s time to get up! The sight of my tight and toned body in sexy lingerie makes you think that tonight is the night I will let you out your cage and have sex with you……WRONG! haha! Tonight I’m going out with my girlfriends and by the end of the night- when I’m all hot and horny from drinking- I’m going to bring my Alpha male back home and let you listen to us having sex while you whimper in your tiny little cage under my bed, just like a good little manimal. But before I leave, I am going to allow you to jerk that cock off while I tease and taunt you- showing off all my curves and tight ebony ass right in your face- so close you can almost touch it….too bad I’m not letting you out anytime soon though hahaha!


Purchase this clip here: Caged manimal

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