CEI/JOI for my legs- Custom

Custom Clip: A name is being used.

By now, you have seen my clips on various top-ranking clip sites, and they have always piqued your interest. You have even purchased a few but for some reason, you felt like you were missing something. Something a little more personable. You finally gained enough courage to request a personalized custom video from me. You told me how you just love my long statuesque Goddess legs, and how you want me to tell you how to stroke your cock and make you eat your own cum in the end. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

I start off by teasing you in my sexy royal blue VS lingerie, showing off my full body and tight ass. Then I sit and tease you with my Goddess stems, crossing and uncrossing my legs while telling you how to stroke your cock to me. After I get you all worked up, I tell you to cum in a shot glass. Once you do, I make you eat and swallow every last drop until the glass is empty!


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