Cuckold/BBC/SPH fantasies for fuck bois

The definition of a cuckold and the many different ways a guy can become a cuckold has changed over the years. By definition, any fuck boy can become a cuckold if 1). He can’t satisfy his lover/wife/partner, etc sexually, 2). He can’t satisfy his lover because he’s inferior, submissive and/or has a small cock, and 3). He prefers or has no choice to watch another man (more commonly, a bull with a huge BBC), satisfy his lover sexually.

However, by my standards, I’m definitely NOT your lover, nor will I ever be. And I don’t care what color or race you are. I don’t care if you have the biggest dick on the planet and more money than you can spend in your lifetime. I only fuck real Alpha men with big black cocks and huge wallets to match! You will NEVER be able to please me sexually because you’re a fuck boy. The only thing you can do for me is buying this video now, then send over a big fat tribute so that my Alpha man and I can go shopping and spend it on more outfits to fuck him in, then tease you in another video haha!


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