Fat bastard humiliation- Custom

Custom Clip:

No names are being used.

Before we became intimately involved, you were “Mr. Big shot”, always bragging about how in shape you were. You used to work out long hours at the gym and constantly flex your muscles around anyone who would look. Now, I RUN THIS and you’re just a big fat pig boy who wears XXXXXL diapers! Unable to move, all you do is sit around the house and stuff your fat greedy face. On the other hand, I’m still the same sexy petite Ebony Goddess and I’m only getting better with time.

Every day I come home from work, there you are- a gluttonous sack of human waste. It disgusts me to even look at you anymore! I was going to buy you bigger diapers but you’re just going to have to learn how to not be so greedy. But you can’t control yourself. So I ordered 5 large pizzas just for you, and I’m going to watch as you gorge yourself until your diaper just rips off. Then I’m going to laugh and humiliate you while you stare at my perfect body to see what you’ll never have any more.


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