Owned by my Ebony soles

Hey there, foot bitch! I have a special tasty treat just for you. First, get down on your knees and start licking the dirt from underneath my sexy heels. I’ve been walking around in them all day just to get them extra dirty for you. Use that slave tongue and clean every inch! I want them nice and shiny by the time you’re finished licking them. I make you sniff the inside of each heel individually while I tease and humiliate you.

Your cock immediately starts twitching, wishing you could feel my soft Ebony soles wrapped around your hard cock. Once both heels are off, your mouth starts to water, you instantly start pre-cumming with anticipation of me stroking your throbbing cock with my superior soles. How long will you last before you explode all over my Ebony feet?

Well, let’s find out, shall we?!


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