Power of P-U-$-$-Y

In this hot cum eating instruction clip- Come in, sit down…I have something I wanna ask you. Since you have been such a good little bitch doing everything I ask you to do, I was thinking about returning the favor by finally letting you get inside my warm, tight, wet kitty. Lean in closer, a little closer. All you have to do is……lick my pussy juices off my man’s cock haha! ….no you say? Well I bet I can change all that. Just by looking at the pictures your cock is getting instantly erect, veins pulsating, ready to shoot that huge load. You try hard to resist but you oh so badly want nothing more but to taste what you can never have! ….so cock that head back, open your mouth wide & get ready for a gooey treat!

This clip also includes sissy training, JOI, cuckolding & pussy worship


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