Sweaty foot worship

In this sexy sweaty foot worship vid: You foot addicts are in for a real treat! There’s nothing you foot perverts love more than to worship my perfect size 8’s; especially after a hard workout at the gym. My socks are nice and damp, and I’m going to make you sniff & lick all of the sweat from my sexy ebony feet. Imagine being down on your knees with my whole foot in your mouth; shoving my toes deep down your throat. You love being my personal little foot bitch, don’t you? You wish you were in my presence right now groveling at my feet, begging to worship them.

Now, get down on your knees and get that slave tongue ready to be put to good use!

supreme, ebony, femdom, goddess, evacapri, sweaty foot worship, foot fetish, sock fetish, custom vids

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  1. Hi Eva, what a beautiful woman you are I really enjoy your Foot Fetish clips especially. I have a question do you sell your socks? I would love to take in the scent of your wonderful feet.

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