$ign Of The Times- FinDom

During these trying times, money is more important than ever in order to maintain a normal life. You’ve cut back on not spending as much lately. You have a nice little nest egg saved up from working hard over the years. And you’ve invested in stocks and have a very nice portfolio going for yourself.

However, your addiction to me only intensifies the more you try to stay away. You can’t help the urge to max out your credit cards and fill up my bank account every time I drop a new clip! You’re convinced that although you’re spending all of your extra cash on me, you’ll be able to make twice as much once things return back to normal. Let me reiterate to you that you’ve already fallen in too deep. You want nothing more than to drain your account, just so that I can keep living comfortably, and I’m more than happy to oblige. Haha!

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